EukBank: we need you!

UniEuk needs your help to successfully launch EukBank v1.0 in the next 9 months!

We are seeking your contribution of any published or unpublished 18S V4 rRNA datasets (in FASTQ format), along with a minimum set of metadata (MiMARKs standards), by the beginning of 2018 for a participation in the first EukBank v1.0 community paper.

For more details on this open call, please download the official invitation letter here.

For information on how to submit your 18S V4 rRNA dataset to the European Nucleotide Archive (EMBL-EBI / ENA) platform for inclusion in EukBank, please download our submission guidelines here.

* Deadline for dataset submission extended to January 31st, 2018 *

EukBank: a tool to organize and explore total eukaryotic diversity. Preliminary meta-analysis of eukaryotic community similarity (V4 rDNA/RNA data) from 672 samples from marine sediments and plankton, abyssal waters, soils from tropical and mountain forests, fresh water, etc. Note the overall structuring of communities by biomes, and the much greater community differentiation in terrestrial ecosystems, as compared to the world oceans.

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